Butterfly shrimp – Feng Wei Xia


A dish from China which is very popular in Europe.
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Ketupat – packaged rice


Ketupat is rice wrapped in a sheet, it is eaten in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore and the phillipines.
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Nasi kuning – yellow rice


Nasi Kuning is yellow rice colored with turmeric, it is served at ceremony in Indonesia.
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Typical Chinese fried rice

riz cantonais

The fried rice fried rice called in China, is a very popular dish in the Chinese world.
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Com chien – roasted rice


Com chien is grilled rice Vietnamese style. It supports many flat in vietnam.
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khao niao – sticky rice


khao niao is sticky rice, here’s how it is traditional or prepared in Laos and Thailand. It is now almost everything meals.
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Rice with ghee

riz au ghi

Ghee rice is widespread in india, srilanka or malaysia. An easy recipe full of flavor thanks to its spices.
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Ohn htamin – coconut rice


Coconut rice is served in Burma during the festive meal.
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Nasi gurih – fragrant rice


Nasi gurih or fragrant rice is a traditional Javanese. The rice is cooked in spices and coconut and it is widespread in Indonesia.
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htamin – Burmese rice or rice stewed


In Burma we eat rice stewed, which prevents the rice from burning.
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Mattar Pilau – Rice with peas


Mattar Pilau is an Indian dish with yellow rice tasty with its many spices.
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Namkin chawal – Indian white rice


The rice is a staple in India as in all of asia. Here’s one way to cook it in India.
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