Pho – beef soup and rice noodles

Ease : 1
Cost : 2
Spicy : 1
People : 8
  • Baking :
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    Ingredients :

    • 3 kg of Ribs
    • 500 g stewing beef or rump steak or other piece of tender beef
    • 4 onions
    • 1 piece fresh ginger, minced
    • 1 cinnamon stick
    • 1 teaspoon black peppercorns
    • salt
    • 500 g of fresh rice noodles or 250 g of dried noodles
    • 500 g of fresh bean sprouts
    • 6 spring onions
    • 4 tomatoes
    • nuoc mam sauce
    • lemon juice
    • 2 green or red chilis
    • chopped coriander leaves

    Preparation :

    Put the dish of ribs and beef pot roast in a pressure cooker filled with cold water,
    add 2 chopped onions, ginger, cinnamon, peppercorns and salt. Cover and let simmer for 6 hours on low heat.

    Cook noodles in another pot, they should remain fairly firm.

    Put the bean sprouts in a colander and pour over boiling water, remove and let cool, then remove all the blackened tails.

    Mince the spring onions, cut tomatoes into thin slices, peel and cut the remaining 2 onions into thin slices. Cut the beef into thin slices.

    To serve : Put a certain amount of noodles, bean sprouts, a few slices of beef, sliced ​​tomatoes and onions in each bowl and pour the broth.

    The guests add themselves the nuoc mam sauce, lemon juice, chillies and coriander.

    Tips : Serve immediately to table, taking the warm broth and adding the various ingredients in each bowl.

    Anecdote : This is the national dish of Vietnam! It is rather like the Moh Hin Gha of Burma.

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