Sweet treats

Leche flan – bahn caramel – purin – caramel cream


Filipino leche flan, caramel bahn vietnam, manure in Japan is a native of Europe creme caramel.
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Ensaimada – brioche


Ensaimada is a brioche original Mallorca found in the Philippines because of four centuries of Spanish rule
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Sanwin Makin – semolina cake


Sanwin Makin is a semolina cake of Burma, it can be eaten as a dessert.
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Nome shek Chiene – Banana Fritters


Nome shek Chiene is the famous Cambodian banana fritters found in Asian restaurants.
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Jackfruit and tapioca pearls in coconut milk


Jackfruit and tapioca pearls in coconut milk is a dessert Cambodian sold by itinerant merchants.
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Papad – papadam – lentils pancake


Papad, papadam is a pancake lens served as a snack or a meal accompanying india and sri lanka.
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Banh Chung – glutinous rice cake with pork


Banh Chung is an glutinous rice cake with pork and mung beans, this is a traditional dish of Vietnam who often used during the Lunar New Year.
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Chuoi nuong – banana cake

Chuoi nuong

Chuoi nuong is a famous banana cake in Vietnam. There are different versions …
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Khao tom mad – banana sticky rice and coconut


Khao Tom Mad is a dessert of banana and sticky rice with coconut milk, very popular on the market of Laos and Thailand.
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Tam Mak Houng – Som tam – bok l’hong – papaya salad


Tam Mak Houng, Som Tam, bok l’hong or green papaya salad, is a culinary institution, Laotian, Thai and Cambodian.
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Tai yang bing – the sun cake


Tai yang bing or cake or the sun are suncakes cakes celebrate the taiwan.
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Roti jala – pancakes with coconut milk


Roti jala are pancakes with coconut milk that come from Malaysia and Brunei. They go perfectly with a curry.
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