Sweet treats

Kue Mangkok – cupcakes


Kue Mangkok cupcakes or a cake is popular in Indonesia, it is also found.
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Getuk lindri – steam cake coconut


Getuk lindri is a steam cassava cake sprinkled with coconut. Found himself serving in Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei
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Gajar ko Halwa – Carrot Pudding


Gajar ko Halwa is a carrot pudding that is part of the carrot dessert népalais.Pudding
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Aamer Ombol or Aum-bowl – soup of mango


Here is a sweet tangy soup was consumed in Bangladesh and India.
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Momos sweet – sugar ravioli

momos au sucre

Momos are dumplings in sweet sugar found in Nepal and Bhutan.
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Kesari – semolina cake


Kesari is a dessert in southern india and sri lanka is a semolina cake and saffron.
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Rasgulla – rasagolla – cheese ball


Rasgulla or rasagolla is a dessert popular in northern India and Bangladesh
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Sago gula melaka – tapioca pudding


Gula Melaka is the dessert of tapioca Malaysia very good and refreshing
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Asian Fruit Salad


Exotic fruit salad very good Chinese and refreshing in summer.
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Chapatis – Indian bread


These are discs of unleavened Indian bread, very pleasant taste and texture somewhat elastic.
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Kuay namuan – Bananas cooked in coconut milk


Kuay namuan is a delicious dessert of Laos which there are several variants in Asia.
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