Bun Cha – meatballs and pork belly grilled

Bun cha

This is an emblematic dish of North Vietnam who equal the famous dish ” The Pho”, it is very appreciate of Vietnamese living in Hanoi. It can be eaten in small stalls on the pavement.
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Chicken wings in oyster sauce


Chicken wings in oyster sauce is a dish of Laos.
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Leche flan – bahn caramel – purin – caramel cream


Filipino leche flan, caramel bahn vietnam, manure in Japan is a native of Europe creme caramel.
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Ensaimada – brioche


Ensaimada is a brioche original Mallorca found in the Philippines because of four centuries of Spanish rule
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Pou ja – Thai Crab Stuffed


Here is the recipe for Pou Ja, stuffed crab of Thailand that you find in all good Asian caterers.
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Sanwin Makin – semolina cake


Sanwin Makin is a semolina cake of Burma, it can be eaten as a dessert.
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Satay – sate – skewered meat


Satay or sate is a famous skewered meat in Asia including Malaysia, Indonesia but also Singapore, the Philippines and Thailand.
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Yakitori – chicken skewers


the Yakitori chicken skewers are found in the Japanese restaurant. This is a very popular dish in Japan and throughout Asia.
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Char sui pork – glazed pork


Pork char sui pork is lacquered, this recipe comes from China and is delicious with its crispy skin.
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Peking duck


The Peking duck is as its name suggests originally from China. This dish is very famous and known worldwide.
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Chuoi nuong – banana cake

Chuoi nuong

Chuoi nuong is a famous banana cake in Vietnam. There are different versions …
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Tai yang bing – the sun cake


Tai yang bing or cake or the sun are suncakes cakes celebrate the taiwan.
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