Cantonese fondue

Ease : 2
Cost : 3
Spicy :
People : 6
Baking :

Ingredients :

  • 3 L of water
  • 3 cubes of chicken or beef
  • 100 g of soy noodles
  • 12 black mushrooms
  • 300 g oftofu
  • 200 g of beef
  • 200 g of chicken
  • 200 g of lamb
  • 200 g of cuttlefish
  • 200 g of tenderloin white fish
  • 500 g of Chinese Cabbage
  • 200 g of raw shrimp
  • 1 cup of soy sauce
  • 1 cup of oyster sauce
  • 1 bunch of Chinese scallions
  • peanut oil

Preparation :

Soak noodles in warm water for 20 minutes and drain. Do the same for the black mushrooms and cut into thick slices. Cut tofu into cubes. Reserve all.

Cut the beef meat, chicken and lamb into thin slices, and reserved to refrigerator.

incised lightly a cuttlefish and cut in half. Cut fish into small cube of 3×3 cm, and reserved all to refrigerate.

Shell shrimp, leaving tails, then make a small cut on the back of the shrimp and remove the black vein.

Chop the Chinese cabbage into thin slices and chopped chinese chives.

Heat water over high heat and add the chicken or beef cubes and bring to boil.

In a saucepan bring soy sauce and 1 tablespoon of peanut oil, then emulsify and incorporate the chopped chives and remove from heat. Do the same for oyster sauce but not incorporate the chopped chives.

Pour 1 liter of broth into the fondue pot that you put on medium heat and arrange the plates containing the noodles, vegetables, meats and seafood around and put the sauces in individual bowls.

Serve the noodles in a bowl and then accompanied the various dishes that you dip in the simmering broth and soaked in one of the sauces.

Tips : if you slice the meat yourself, it must be partially frozen for the fineness required. You are not obligated use three kinds of meat;

Anecdotes : The chinese fondue is a broth placed on the center of the table, where guests are invited to cook their own ingredients, placed in a small dip net or held with baguette.
The dishes often used in Chinese fondues are : fish and the crustaceans or other shellfish, meat into very thin slices (preferably white or mutton is also used), fish ball or meat, squid or cuttlefish cut into small pieces , vegetables (Chinese cabbage, spinach, scallions, black mushrooms, carrots, etc…). Chinese pasta preferably vermicelli of mung bean. Tofu (soybean paste fermented) in different forms. Small ravioli or various foods made from fish paste, special surimi for fondue sold in Asian supermarkets.