oh ah chian – oh chien – oyster omelet


oh ah chian or oh chien is an oyster omelet from China, we find this dish in Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan and is found on the market.
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tang cu yuan bai cai – coleslaw bittersweet

tang cu yuan bai cai

Taiwan’s specialty white cabbage round here is a recipe for sweet and sour cabbage called tang cu yuan bai cai .
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Popiah – spring roll


Popiah a spring roll is famous in Asia, here is a recipe found in china, taiwan, malaysia, singapore. But there are also many variations.
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Ba wan – meat ball


Ba wan is a kind of meat ball and is considered by many as a national food of taiwan.
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Tai yang bing – the sun cake


Tai yang bing or cake or the sun are suncakes cakes celebrate the taiwan.
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San bei ji – three cup of chicken


San bei ji is a dish of ginger chicken with his sauce is a dish of Chinese origin wide spread in Taiwan.
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Mapo Tofu – Mapo doufu – Ground pork with Tofu


Mapo doufu can also be found in China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan, where the flavor is adapted to local tastes.
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Tai Chi chao mifen – fried rice vermicelli

taishi chaomifen

Tai Chi chao mifen is a dish of fried rice vermicelli Taiwanese.
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Lu rou fan – braised meat rice


Dish from the north of the island of Taiwan, Lu Rou Fan can cook meat pork or beef.
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San pai – Ginger Chicken


Here’s a tasty recipe Ginger Chicken to taiwan. All the flavor Taiwanese.
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