Mattar Pilau – Rice with peas


Mattar Pilau is an Indian dish with yellow rice tasty with its many spices.
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Asian Fruit Salad


Exotic fruit salad very good Chinese and refreshing in summer.
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Namkin chawal – Indian white rice


The rice is a staple in India as in all of asia. Here’s one way to cook it in India.
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Chapatis – Indian bread


These are discs of unleavened Indian bread, very pleasant taste and texture somewhat elastic.
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Kuay namuan – Bananas cooked in coconut milk


Kuay namuan is a delicious dessert of Laos which there are several variants in Asia.
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Ghee or ghi – clarified butter


The ghee gives it a rich taste, characteristic of the cuisine of Northern India.
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Sung choi boa


This Chinese dish is an irresistible combination of textures: crunchy, sweet and fresh.
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Caramel pork stew with eggs


This dish can be prepared to Cambodia any time it, but also for feast.
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Onigiri with tuna


The onigiri are small snacks that are eaten Japanese love at any time of day, there are all kinds.
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Fish pancakes and cucumber salad


Very popular in Thailand these little fish cakes are perfect for an entry.
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Dashimaki Tamago – Rolled Omelet


It is a traditional Japanese dish that is perfect for dinners and lunch boxes (bento). Maki means roll and Tamago means egg.
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Tom Yam Kung (Shrimp Soup)


The shrimp soup is a unique taste of Thai cuisine favorite with foreign tourists according to a recent survey.
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