Tonkatsu – breaded pork


Tonkatsu is the breaded pork and became one of the most popular dishes in Japan
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Butaniku no shôgayaki – grilled pork with ginger


Butaniku no shôgayaki is a grilled pork with ginger and it is the second popular dish in Japan after the Tonkatsu.
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Misoshiru – Miso Soup


Misoshiru is the famous miso soup is a dish very appreciate of Japanese, she is consumed either breakfast or as a starter.
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Mapo Tofu – Mapo doufu – Ground pork with Tofu


Mapo doufu can also be found in China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan, where the flavor is adapted to local tastes.
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Chirashi sushi – rice with fish, seafood and vegetables


The chirashi is a Japanese dish is served as main dish. It is easy to do and looks good, it is found in all good sushi restaurants.
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Onigiri with tuna


The onigiri are small snacks that are eaten Japanese love at any time of day, there are all kinds.
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Dashimaki Tamago – Rolled Omelet


It is a traditional Japanese dish that is perfect for dinners and lunch boxes (bento). Maki means roll and Tamago means egg.
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