Pakoras de soja – donut soy


Pakoras are fritter soy soy they are not generally eat in restaurants, but families in Bangladesh.
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Aamer Ombol or Aum-bowl – soup of mango


Here is a sweet tangy soup was consumed in Bangladesh and India.
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Macher jhol – fish curry


Macher jhol is a dish of fish curry is a traditional dish from Bangladesh.
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Fish Curry with Mustard


Fish Curry with Mustard is wide spread in Bangladesh which is close to the sea and Bengali are very fond of mustard.
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Moorgi kosha – Chicken Curry Bengal


Moorgi kosha is a chicken curry of Bengal, Bangladesh is heavily influenced by Indian cuisine.
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Beef Bengal


Beef Bengal is a very tasty dish that comes from us bangladesh.
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Reshmi Kabab – skewered chicken


The Reshmi kabab are very tasty grilled skewered chicken with its variety of spices. This dish comes from bangladesh.
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Rasgulla – rasagolla – cheese ball


Rasgulla or rasagolla is a dessert popular in northern India and Bangladesh
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Kitchri – kitchuri – rice with lentils


Kitchri Indian dish is a very old and is the perfect example of British Indian food.
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Ilish Macher Dhakai Paturi


Macher Paturi Dhakai the Ilish is a dish of fish cooked in a banana leaf. This is a very good dish that comes from bangladesh.
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